Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CMJ New Music Report 1/28

The new issue of CMJ has come! Always exciting for a dorky music director. This issue is all about the top records of 2007.I made it in with my personal top 10:

1. Against Me! - New Wave (I mean really, are you surprised?)
2. Chuck Ragan - Feast or Famine (Chuck yeah!!!!!)
3. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky (I freaking have one of the song titles tattooed on me.)
4. Weakerthans - Reunion Tour (Who's pumped about the show on March 30??)
5. Two Gallants - Two Gallants (Yes, I am from the city where they got beat up.)
6. Tegan and Sara - The Con (Not Tegan and Stupid as music staffer Birdwell calls them.)
7. Okkervil River - The Stage Names (ATX representin', yo!)
8. Bella - No One Will No (I saw them at CMJ Marathon. I danced.)
9. White Stripes - Icky Thump (Because you can't be a pimp and a prostitute.)
10. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible. (Yeah.)

I forgot about the Snake the Cross the Crown though...and apparently the PSA Homeless Youth of America that Canada from Pirate! included in his list.


birdwell said...

Tegan & Sara (Stupid)...just...not that great...they're not terrible, but they aren't ground-breaking either. Sorry JLane, just notta huge
huge fan. but seriously, how could you leave out the TSTCTC?

JennyLane said...

I didn't realize it had come out in 2007...and I'm pretty sure Brand New made it on the CMJ end of the year charts, but I could have sworn that come ount in November of 2006.