Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Drunk Driving, Don't Do It"

Wilco Concert
Mobile Civic Center Theater
Mobile, Ala.

Nothing can really ever prepare you for a Wilco concert, even when you've already seen them before. Nothing prepares you for that feeling when they start playing that song that just gets you. I never fail to get that feeling every time I have seen Wilco.

Fellow music staffers Birdwell and Claire and I headed down to Mobile for the show last night. We also met fellow music staffers Morgan, Logan, and Parker there. WVUA music staff was straight up representin!!!

Wilco opened up the show with "You Are My Face" off of Sky Blue Sky and then went straight into "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart", one of my all time favorite songs ever. While it may seem like it would be impossible to pull it off live, Wilco does it. They can do the impossible.

The first half of the show was slower, mid-tempo songs. Still completely sexy. Highlights for me included "Pot Kettle Black", which I had requested. "Via Chicago" is always incredible live, with Glenn back there pounding like a hurricane on the drums while Jeff still sings coolly upfront.

They aren't in order, but here are the songs they played:
You Are My Face
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart*
Shot in the Arm
Impossible Germany
Pot Kettle Black***
Side With Seeds
Jesus, etc.
War on War
Via Chicago*
Magazine Called Sunset
Muzzle of Bees
What Light
I'm the Man That Loves You
Heavy Metal Drummer
Pick Up the Change
Box Full of Letters
Passenger Side*
I Got You
Outtasite (Outta mind)*
Handshake Drugs
Dreamer in my Dreams
Airline to Heaven*
California Stars*
Hate It Here
Wishful Thinking

The show was incredible. We WVUA kids were lucky enough to meet every single member of Wilco afterward, however individually. But who cares?? We met them all!!

If you went to the show, what was your favorite song?

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