Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you restless like me?

A post about Against Me!
Don't act like you are surprised.

But it is relevant, because I got to see the kids in their prime element last week: the live show. If you haven't seen these guys live, then I don't even really know if my words are worthy enough to capture or relate the experience. A Universal representative once said that it was more of a movement than a show, and I have to completely agree.

I was fortunate enough to get to hang out with drummer Warren Oakes before the show, and we had a lot to talk about when it came to the band, the state of music today, and art. This tiny man with a big beard also has a great mind, and it gave me hope that maybe someday soon we will come out of this music lull we are in today if bands like these keep pushing on and fighting againstthe dull, safe music that we hear on commercial radio today.

Fellow music staffer Birdwell and I made it extremely close to the stage. Actually, I could not get any closer because I was front row center. (I may be short, but seriously, don't mess with me at shows!) The band did an excellent job of playing songs from every album (Reinventing Axl Rose, As the Eternal Cowboy, Searching For a Former Clarity, and New Wave). They even played "Impact" from their Crime E.P.

Birdwell and I most definitely got on stage during "Baby, I'm Anarchist"..and I went back for seconds during the last song "We Laugh at Danger and Break All The Rules".

There is depth to my love for Against Me!. I love a band that is challenging the way things are. I love a band that can evolve and continues to re-evaluate the way they think and approach things.

...and they make me want to rock.



The Ears of the Capstone said...

No birdwell. It is "Baby I'm Anarchist".

They didn't even play "Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious"..that's my favorite song. I would have known, trust me.

go check your track listing on Reinventing Axl Rose, boo.

birdwell said...

well, I was half's actually "Baby, I'm An Anarchist!"'s been a long day of lack of sleep and lack of food.

Reid said...

Lets get some lists going!

The Ears of the Capstone said...

Aha birdwell! I know all!!!!!