Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do you still love rock 'n' roll?

Alright, I'm gonna follow Reid's lead and make a list. Because lists rock. I'm going to start off with the easist one for me: Top Wilco Songs. Duh.

My Top Wilco Songs:

1. Passenger Side (A.M.)
"You're gonna make me spill my beer if you don't learn how to steer." PURE POETRY!!!
2. Misunderstood (Being There)*
3. Sunken Treasure*
"I am so out of tune..I am so out of tune with you."
4. Outtamind (Out of Sight)
I like sleigh bells.
5. California Stars (Mermaid Avenue)*
6. Hoodoo Voodoo (Mermaid Avenue)*
7. A Shot in the Arm (Summerteeth)*
8. I'm Always In Love (Summerteeth)
9. Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (again) (Summerteeth)
10. Via Chicago (Summerteeth)*
11. Candy Floss (Summerteeth)
12. Airline to Heaven (Mermaid Avenue Vol. II)*
13. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)*
14. Jesus, Etc. (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)*
15. Ashes of American Flags (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)*
16. Heavy Metal Drummer (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)*
17. Pot Kettle Black (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
18. Spiders(Kidsmoke) (A Ghost Is Born)*
19. Handshake Drugs (A Ghost Is Born)*
20. Theologians (A Ghost Is Born)*
21. Either Way (Sky Blue Sky)
22. You Are My Face (Sky Blue Sky)*
23. Impossible Germany (Sky Blue Sky)*

Wow, that was kind of stressful. I love Wilco. The asterik means that I got to see that %^&@ live!!!!


birdwell said...

come on Jenny why didn't ELT make it?

The Ears of the Capstone said...

Look, it's really stressful trying to pick out my favorite Wilco songs. Leave me alone!! Why don't you make your own Wilco list!!


birdwell said...


Jesus Ect.
Passenger Side
Sunken Treasure
Shot In The Arm
Via Chicago
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


JennyLane said...

that's it?!! do i have to make a list of my list?

AnDrew Cook said...

Seriously, no "Desperate Ain't Lonely?"

JennyLane said...

man, i should have just listed every wilco song ever except "hate it here".

what wilco songs do you like, andrew?